Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sara Morawetz - yet there is method -

yet there is method performance Sara Morawetz Accelerator Gallery 06-15 November 2014 image: Sara Morawetz

artist statement

yet there is method is part of an ongoing visual and philosophical investigation into the methodological processes that underpin scientific action. It is an exploration of the way in which the systems and structures of the scientific method have come to define scientific experience, and how these same systems operate within my artistic practice. Realised as part of a residency with Culture at Work, these works survey concepts of method in science through repetitive gestures -- representing a number of distinct conceptual inquiries into the experience of science, both as a way of thinking and as a mode of working. This exhibition is a documentation of both completed and experimental works, and incorporates a performative action that will continue for the duration of the show during the opening hours of the gallery.

image: Sara Morawetz

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