Monday, December 23, 2013

LISA SAMMUT of Magnitude at ACCELERATOR Gallery Opening Saturday 12 Nov - 21 Dec 2013

    Lisa Sammut is No. 9 of 10 artists in residence at Culture at Work® connecting art & science. 

of magnitude

This research project is directed towards the Cosmos, as a remarkably significant sight and site for visual and philosophical consideration. The aim of this residency is to accumulate and collect new research, both written and visual in the area of astronomy. Including details from numerous discussions with the Sydney Observatory, research trips, collected materials and experiences, I will respond directly to my findings through experimental video, sculpture and photography and present my research at the residency’s conclusion. Specifically, my work will explore the scientific process of accumulation and visualisation of distant celestial objects and consider the process of subjective and objective observation. It will also focus on ideas and definitions of the term Magnitude in astronomy, philosophy and history. Magnitude meaning; 1. the greatness of size and amount 2. a measure of brightness and illumination 3. of great importance or consequence. 

6.00pm 12 Dec PUBLIC TALK BY Lisa Sammut & 6.30pm by Christie McMonigal sydney observatory (B.Sc. (Adv.) Hons, B.A., Physics, Ancient Greek) on Light & Astronomy "about many of the effects of light that we see every day and how they relate to astronomy".

Exhibition Launch Thursday 12 December 6-8pm 2013
Exhibition dates: Thursday 12 Dec - Saturday 21 Dec 2013 Wed -Sat 1-5pm
Public talk followed by opening drinks: Thursday 12th Dec 2013 6-8pm
Family workshop: Saturday 14th December 2013 10am - 12pm   
To find more about Lisa's project go to the project blogsite
  "This project is supported by Arts NSW's NSW Artists' Grant Scheme, a devolved funding program administered
    by the National Association of the Visual Arts“ on behalf of the NSW Government."                                                                              

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